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The specialists at Bebé PT offer advanced scar mobilization techniques for women throughout the West Los Angeles, CA, area, helping gently break down scar tissue to facilitate tissue remodeling and promote the formation of new, healthy skin.
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Bebe Physical Therapy

What causes scars?

Scars form as part of the body's natural healing process, when a fibrous type of tissue forms to close wounds and repair damage following an injury, which can include unexpected traumatic injuries like motor vehicle accidents or falls, as well as injury that occurs following surgery or another medical event, like giving birth. When most people think of scars, they think of those that appear on your skin. But scarring can also occur internally, on muscles, tendons, ligaments and even organs and bones.

What problems can scar tissue cause?

Because scar tissue is thicker and stiffer than normal tissue, it can cause restricted range of motion as well as a decrease in flexibility in the area where the scar develops. On the skin, of course, scars can also cause aesthetic issues.

What is scar mobilization?

Sometimes referred to as scar massage, scar mobilization is a method aimed at remodeling scar tissue to return the tissue to a more normal state to address mobility and flexibility issues. During treatment, several techniques may be used to gently break down scar tissue and enable remodeling to occur. These techniques can include:

  • transverse friction massage which uses strokes that go across the scar, perpendicular to the way the scar is running, to help encourage formation of healthy tissue

  • myofascial release to address the tissue that surrounds the scar

  • gentle stretching and flexibility exercises to help promote circulation and development of new, healthy tissue

Before scar mobilization takes place, your doctor will need to confirm that the healing process is complete to avoid re-injuring the area.

Can I massage a scar myself?

You can, but the scar mobilization technique requires a specific approach and should be performed by a professional. During your treatment, you can ask about techniques you can use at home between treatments to help encourage healing.

Insurance Providers

Bebé PT is a participating provider for over 4000 different health plans. Treatments are generally covered with a prescription from your OB/Gyn or any physician. We can send the physician a prescription to fill out if they wish. Below is a small list of the health plans we are participating providers for.

Anthem Blue Cross
Beech Street
Blue Shield of California
First Health
Health Net
Private Healthcare Systems
United Healthcare

Words from our patients

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    "There is a great balance of progress and encouragement. Every time I leave, I feel like I've made a step in the right direction and come away armed with useful tips."

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    "One thing I especially appreciate is that I never ever feel rushed-- every question, pain, nuance I want to discuss is always thoroughly talked through. "

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  • "They help you retain your shape and introduce safe and effective work-outs for all your pregnant and post partum needs."

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    "All the assistants are super nice and friendly. I would definitely recommend Bebe PT during pregnancy or postpartum."

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  • Yelp

    "They help you retain your shape and introduce safe and effective work-outs for all your pregnant and post partum needs."

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