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Bebé PT offers massage therapy services aimed at addressing the unique needs of women in West Los Angeles and throughout the Greater Los Angeles metro region, providing a range of massage techniques aimed at relieving stress, supporting healthy circulation and promoting overall health and wellness, including relaxing prenatal massage.
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Bebe Physical Therapy

What is a prenatal massage?

Pregnancy can take a significant toll on the body and on your overall health, with both increasing weight and hormonal changes contributing to aches and strains that can interfere with comfortable daily living. Headache, back ache, leg cramps, swelling (edema) and joint pain are all common issues that develop during pregnancy, frequently interfering with sleep as well as decreasing your quality of life. Prenatal massage includes special techniques to help reduce those stresses and strains by relaxing cramped muscles and promoting better circulation.

What happens during a prenatal massage?

At the start of your session, you'll have a chance to describe the specific symptoms you're experiencing so your massage can be focused on your needs. During the massage, special cushions, wedges and bolsters will be used to support your body and accommodate your body's changing shape. Techniques like reflexology Swedish massage and other approaches will be used, depending on your symptoms and your treatment goals.

How can massage help me following birth?

Being a mom is no easy task, and it's not uncommon for every day stresses to cause muscle stiffness, aches and pains. Having routine massage treatments can help keep your body strong and supple by relaxing cramped muscles and promoting better circulation. Plus, massage right after pregnancy can help reduce the buildup of fluids that can cause swelling and discomfort while also helping promote healthy levels of “feel good” natural chemicals like serotonin to help banish the “baby blues.”

Does Bebé PT offer massage for women who aren't pregnant?

Yes, Bebé PT offers a broad array of massage services to help women relieve stress and promote overall wellness throughout their child-bearing years.

Insurance Providers

Bebé PT is a participating provider for over 4000 different health plans. Treatments are generally covered with a prescription from your OB/Gyn or any physician. We can send the physician a prescription to fill out if they wish. Below is a small list of the health plans we are participating providers for.

Anthem Blue Cross
Beech Street
Blue Shield of California
First Health
Health Net
Private Healthcare Systems
United Healthcare

Words from our patients

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    "There is a great balance of progress and encouragement. Every time I leave, I feel like I've made a step in the right direction and come away armed with useful tips."

    Chelsea C.
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    "One thing I especially appreciate is that I never ever feel rushed-- every question, pain, nuance I want to discuss is always thoroughly talked through. "

    Allison G.
  • "They help you retain your shape and introduce safe and effective work-outs for all your pregnant and post partum needs."

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    "All the assistants are super nice and friendly. I would definitely recommend Bebe PT during pregnancy or postpartum."

    Michelle F.
  • Yelp

    "They help you retain your shape and introduce safe and effective work-outs for all your pregnant and post partum needs."

    Jenn L.
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