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by Hallie M. on Google
Bebe physical therapy has changed the way I am approaching pregnancy! I started getting excruciating hip pain around 14 weeks. Being a runner and super active person, I was devastated thinking that my pregnancy was going to slow my down, especially based on all the positive research around maintaining an active lifestyle while pregnant to help with labor, delivery, recovery and baby development. That's when I found Bebe (through my healthcare provider). They helped me understand that often pregnancy highlights underlying issues within the body, and gives us an opportunity to strengthen that which is already weak, which is what they are helping me do. Celeste, my physical therapist, is so knowledgeable and supportive, and I feel so thankful that I have a team of people helping me get to the finish line and feel as best as I can throughout this process. Now I am running 2 times a week again with little to no pain, as well as being able to stand up without pain too! I can't wait till they have more locations. I would recommend them to any and all of my pregnant friends who are struggling with any kind of pregnancy pain.
by Marisa P. on Google
Life changing care with PTs that are detailed, holistic and game changing through my care experience. Can’t recommend to other women, moms (both expecting and seasoned!) for specialized womens care!
by Kashema L. on Google
This place is awesome! Only my 2nd visit and today was a rough day for pain. I left my appointment feeling 100X better!
by Natalie D. on Yelp
Bebe PT was my saving grace during and after my pregnancy. I always felt so supported whenever I walked in there, and always left feeling better physically and emotionally. My PT, Sara, was amazing, and always knew how to make my body feel better. From the staff, to the exercises, to the amazing massages, I was well taken care of. It was a great space to meet other pregnant  women going through similar physical issues and have a place to talk about those things. After I had my baby, it was great to return and work on getting my body back to normal. I definitely plan on returning  next time I'm pregnant, and I look forward to it!
by Rachel F. on Yelp
I am so grateful that I found Bebe PT and the amazing staff at the clinic. I walked into the door and immediately felt safe, supported and understood in this vulnerable time in my life. While they immediately helped me with shoulder pain, neck pain and painful sex, I regret that I did not find Bebe earlier to help me through my pregnancy. The staff is cheerful, happy and helpful! I am looking forward to watching the company grow and serve more women through their important mission.
by Alex M. on Yelp

Took my wife here due to some post-pregnancy complications and she absolutely loved her experience. Without going into too much detail, all problems solved. I recommend this place to everyone. Great staff, easy scheduling, super convenient location. A+++

by Tracey H. on Google

Amazing amazing office. Everyone at Bebe is so kind, friendly and caring. They make you feel safe and are determined to help you feel better short+long term.

by Sam W. on Yelp

I came to Bebe years after I had my baby but was dealing with debilitating SI joint/ back pain as well an injury to my upper back caused from doing an exercise listed on an app. I had spent years visiting other in-network PTs, expensive out-of-network providers and pursuing alternative therapies. Nothing seemed to stick until I saw Martina and her team. They worked with me from my very weak and unstable beginnings as any exertion caused pain. What is different about them is that they work with you adapting to your needs versus having a one size fits all plan. They are non-judgmental, there is no ego involved as you can tell they are just coming from a place of love. Also, Martina is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful and her therapists and aides are not only super supportive but give great game changing cues. I've learned a ton from all of them! It's a very friendly environment, even with the front desk staff with Erika leading the charge. Because they take and bill insurance (despite the headache for them) I'm able to stay committed and come more frequently which I think also has helped increase my results. I recommend them not for just new moms but for any women struggling with pain.

by Nina B. on Yelp

I am so grateful for the entire team at Bebe PT!  I was referred by my OB at around 20 weeks due to incredible back pain that was preventing me from working at my desk job or driving my daily commute.  Due to some  insurance issues, Bebe wasn't covered as an in-network provider, but the diligent help of Erika got me a network gap exception and I was able to be seen.  I mostly worked with the fabulous, magical Caitlin but also with Celestene and Laura, who were equally amazing.  All the PT aides were incredible but Jessie really stands out due to her incredible knowledge and overall friendliness!  It is a great community of women who take the time to explain every step of the process and support you physically and emotionally.  Cannot recommend enough!

by Alyson R. on Yelp

I am the daughter of a physical therapist, and I know what good PTs do. I have been to other clinics that did not help at all. After months of no sleep and a lot of pain, I asked a friend to give me the number of the place that cured her from 8 of chronic back pain. Hallelujah!  I found my Mecca. Caitlin and her team have given me the perfect mix of soft tissue massage, stretching, and strengthening to give me no pain!  I can finally sleep through the night, and I am cheery all day. These people know what they're doing, and they do it right.

by Melissa P. on Google

Just had my first visit for Pelvic Floor Therapy. Celeste is my PT, she was so sweet, made me feel really comfortable, and answered all my questions in an very knowledgeable manner. She's patient and caring, something that I find extremely valuable in a PT. Karen at the front desk helped me out and was also very kind and helpful in getting me started. I highly recommend this place. I'll keep going and make any updates as I continue my journey with them:) "Grateful"

by Allison F. on Google

I cannot recommend Bebe PT enough. They treated me both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. The entire staff was warm, knowledgable, patient, funny - I was made to feel very comfortable there, and it became more than just a place for physical therapy, it was a place to take a much needed break to recharge and focus on myself, something that mothers so often forget to do. [...] if not for moving out of the Los Angeles area, I would probably have stayed in therapy there indefinitely! I also highly recommend trying their rehab pilates classes once you have some therapy under your belt. It was extremely beneficial in building back my strength and flexibility, which both took a major hit from pregnancy, nursing, and chasing babies and toddlers.

by Elizabeth L. on Google

Everyone at Bebe PT is amazing. Incredibly friendly staff who gets to know you (and loves your kiddos). Convenient babysitting and parking available. Saw incredibly results after working with my therapist for 3 months. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!

by Cinzia C. on Yelp

If you are looking for the best place in Los Angeles for pelvic therapy, Bebe is the place. This is a highly trained and educated group of expert therapists specializing in treatment of the pelvic area. Seriously, whatever your condition requires, this group is committed to positive results!! Although many patients here are pregnant or receiving post-partum care, I am being treated for a complicated pelvic fracture. Martina, Sarah, and the entire staff are devoted to patients and their recovery. The level of care at Bebe far surpasses my experiences at other physical therapy offices where typically PT's are not pelvic experts and do not offer individual attention. This is a low key "spa" like atmosphere for women---all patients and staff are female. Every comfort is thought of and provided---including fluffy pink blankets to keep patients warm and cozy while "icing". If you are looking for a devoted group of therapists who puts patient well-being and recovery first, this is the place!!

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