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At Bebé PT, there’s no such thing as TMI (or too much information). We specialize in treating  new and expecting moms throughout pregnancy and postpartum, so whatever you are experiencing, you are not alone. Our goal is to help you feel better, understand the shifts in your body, and safely maintain or regain strength.


Your first visit

Your first visit will be an hour long evaluation with a physical therapist. We’ll begin by getting to know you, your goals, medical history, and any challenges you’re facing. Then we will take a hands on approach to evaluate your current symptoms. If you are experiencing any pelvic pain or discomfort and have scheduled an internal pelvic floor exam, we will walk you through what is happening step by step. You won’t have the cold stirrups or devices like you might have at your OB’s office. If any any point you feel uncomfortable, you can stop the exam at any time.

Depending on your physical therapist’s assessment, she will recommend a plan of care that could involve follow-up visits, at-home exercises, and additional therapies (e.g., pilates, massage). We leave time at the end of every session for manual therapy, heat or ice if you are experiencing pain. By the end of your first session, our goal is that you have a better understanding of your body and a clear plan of care.


Your follow-up visits

Follow-up visits are one-hour long, and you will be treated by both a physical therapist and physical therapy aide. Visits typically start with a check-in on how you are feeling and a warmup, unless you are experiencing pain that would prevent you from exercising. After your warmup, a typical follow up visit includes: manual therapy with your physical therapist, exercises, stretches, and heat or ice. You will always have an opportunity to have a dialogue about how you are feeling and your plan of care.


Our team

Our team is highly specialized in women’s health, so no matter who you are working with, you are in great hands. We will do our best to ensure you are working with the same physical therapist during each session to ensure continuous care. If scheduling conflicts prevent you from seeing the same PT, not to worry. Our team is in constant dialogue and any care plan will be communicated in advance.


Questions or concerns?

If at any point during your time with us, you feel uncomfortable or have concerns about your treatment, we encourage your feedback. We want to make sure you feel safe and taken care of at all times.


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